I’ll be honest, I was filled with a mix of panic and excitement when I was asked to be part of a segment for the New England news show, Chronicle. The idea of being on TV seemed so overwhelming! And it was, but it was such an honor to be part of this legendary show, that all the panic disappeared. I love sharing the story and mission behind Bevy, as well as being part of Market45. 

“[Market45] is great because it allows you to shop your values. Everything there is ethically made, sustainably made. So people can go on there and everything is in one place.”

I’m grateful for the wisdom (through Factory45) and the opportunities (through Market45) that Shannon Lohr has shared with me. Market45 is one stop shopping for ethical and sustainable products, all from brands that have launched thanks to Factory45. And I am honored to have been selected to be one of the first 20 brands on Market45.

Learn more about other Market45 brands in the Chronicle segment. And, best of all, you get 10% if you shop through Market45.co!