Here at Bevy, we are passionate about working with and sharing stories about women pursuing their callings. Those whispers that force us to be brave to take the leap to pursue. Our new series, FOUNDERS, highlights some of our favorite fearless small business owners and influencers. We all have different gifts and callings, so there is room for all of us. Let’s lift each other up, cheer each other on and learn from one another.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Leslie Musser of one brass fox (who took these gorgeous photos with our black & wine Newbury slide clutch) to find out more about her journey to launch. Her advice at the end is so perfect.

Tell us about your journey to launch one brass fox and the story behind the name.

The motivation to finally launch my own blog came after years of following Cupcakes & Cashmere. Founder Emily Schuman crafted a uniquely approachable online space that daily kept me reading and waiting for more. Her ability to engage various aspects of her lifestyle in an honest yet artistic manner inspired me. Having been a writer my whole life, it felt like a natural next step to undertake my own brand + business. As for the name, I wish I had a better story. But it just came as a conglomeration of two things I was into: brass and foxes. The “one” just felt right since I started out solo!

What have been the biggest hurdles and joys?

Perhaps the greatest challenge of one brass fox is that I’m marching in a one man band. While it affords me numerous, incredible opportunities, those have all been earned by late nights, early mornings, and hours of pouring over editing software. My husband is the primary photographer and an irreplaceable support; but, at the end of the day, the success rests on my shoulders alone.

The joys of one brass fox come in big and small ways. Whether it’s nailing a collaboration with one of my ‘wish list’ brands or simply getting a thoughtful reader comment, I try to daily find those aspects of encouragement to keep me marching forward.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Any connection to what you’re doing now?

Oh goodness, I had a few dreams, not last of which was wanting to be a member of Spice Girls. But, more concretely, I did want to be a fashion designer (an aspiration that hasn’t disappeared). In my parent’s house there are numerous notebooks filled with terrible sketches of nineties style dresses I mapped out over the years. While I don’t have anything currently in the works for my own line, it’s on a bucket list to create capsule collections in the future.

Any advice for women looking to boldly start that thing they’ve been dreaming about?

I’ve often heard it said that, “If your heart is in it, you’ll succeed.” I give that statement partial credence but I think it’s also missing something crucial. If you’ve been dreaming of starting a new venture it’s incredibly important to feel that passion. But equally as important is making the mental commitment to follow it through. Running on pure emotion won’t carry you through to the finish line. When challenging times hit or days arrive when you’d rather do anything else but keep moving forward, it’s going to take both heart and mind to conquer. Set goals, find successful individuals on whom you can model a work ethic, and make it happen.

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All photos courtesy of one brass fox