(The following is part of an Ethical Summer Outfit blog series by Bevy Goods intern, Grace.)

As we approach summer, it seems that all I find myself thinking about are the many outfits summer prompts. Summer is a season that prompts us women to go out, and buy plenty of shorts that fit, and big hats. However, are we aware of the intentions of the stores we’re buying from? Where do our clothes come from? Who makes them? As the Bevy Goods intern, these questions have popped up in my head often.  Who knew that places like the Gap and Old Navy used factories that treated workers unethically? When I first found this out, a rush of guilt filled me and I felt pretty awful. Throughout high school, all my friends have shopped at these places, and many more that use sweatshops and child labor for more than 80% of their products. I don’t know about you, but this blows my mind. So, as summer approaches, let’s keep in mind what ethical fashion means. In a culture where trends come and go quicker than you can buy them, I’ve compiled some outfits for every occasion you may find yourself in this summer from companies that care about the people buying them (you) and the people making them.

Ethical Summer Outfits: Easy Breezy Beautiful

Each of these dresses is comfy, and made for all body types. With slightly different lengths, choose the one that suits you best. I love neutrals, and the way these classic dresses fall look great on every woman. All you need is a fun fedora and a denim sandal.  

Dresses from Sotela

Hat from Yellow 108

Denim Sandal from Proud Mary

Necklace from Jacob & Esau