Founded in 2015, but in the making for years, BEVY was the result of the desire to create a business that centered around loving our neighbor and building community.


Passionate about supporting entrepreneurial women, we purposefully sought talented stitchers in the US, where we could both benefit from working together. A BEVY of women lifting each other up.


We love and lift others through employment. Each bag is handcrafted and ethically made in the US. Small batch production allows for more consistent jobs for our makers and respectable wages.

For us, ethical fashion means that people come first. Goods for good.


Our makers are the heart of BEVY Goods, each with their own story.

Made in Maine:

We love supporting other female entrepreneurs. Not only is our leather stitcher talented, but had us when she shared her desire to grow her business in order to provide sewing jobs to women in her area. Her husband completes all of the rivet work, so it’s a family affair.

Made in Tennessee:

Sew for Hope is a non-profit that provides sewing skills training and tools for refugees who have resettled in the Nashville area. They saw a need within the community and are dedicated to helping them with income opportunities in order to provide for their families. We have worked with a few of the women and are amazed by their talent.

Made in Colorado:

Each dustcover is made by GarCo Sewing Works. GarCo works primarily with single mothers on public assistance to help support their goals of self-sufficiency. They use sewing skills as a launching point for further entrepreneurship, training and career goals. They are also committed to sustainability; each of the dustcovers are made out of upcycled and recycled materials. Their white textile began as plastic bottles, and the red elastic and toggles comes from Colorado ski patrol jackets.


We believe in ethical production.

Our makers are the heart of Bevy Goods.

We believe in ethical sourcing.

We purposefully seek materials that are responsibly made.

For general sourcing, we look for: Locally made, local small business sellers and/or Made in America.

For leather, we look for : Vegetable or chrome-free tanning, tanneries that are environmentally certified and adhere to strict environmental codes and standards, and/or Made in America.

We believe in transparency.

Since we currently source from multiple sellers or use overstock, we cannot always know the entire supply chain. We are committed to continually working towards complete ethical sourcing.

We believe in limiting waste.

Scrap leather is saved to be re-purposed. Leather comes with natural markings. Instead of tossing imperfections, we use as much as possible.


Confession: I used to hate carrying a bag.

I would stuff my hands with keys, receipts, phone, wallet.

Then our triplets came along. And as they grew, I needed my hands free to hold their little hands as they tried to scatter. I would hear “You have your hands full!” multiple times a day from strangers. And so began my journey to design and sew bag patterns so I could keep my hands full of little loved ones and not stuff.

I set out to design bags that will carry you from day to night. Classic & versatile bags that compliment a pair of jeans at the market with your kids, as well as your heels for a night out with friends.

Passionate about supporting entrepreneurial women, we work with talented stitchers in the US, where we can both benefit from working together.