What started as a handbag brand to empower and encourage underserved women through employment, has expanded to serve Women-/Black-/Family-Owned, Handcrafted and Ethical small businesses.

Passionate about supporting and uplifting entrepreneurial women, we have worked with sewing non-profits for refugees women and women transitioning off public assistance, a small woman-owned leather stitching business and a local Boston manufacturer.

And now we continue to extend that passion for encouraging and uplifting entrepreneurial women with Bevy & Co.

A Bevy of women lifting each other up.

We invited a number of our favorite brands to sell their products alongside our house brand, Bevy Goods, on Bevy & Co. While we continue to develop new products in partnership with small, local manufacturing, we created a #OneStopSmallShop for all your needs and wants. 

As a continually growing community, we love connecting with new small businesses. Have a brand you'd love to shop on Bevy & Co? Drop us a note and let us know. Own a small business and want to join us? Apply here