In honor of Mother’s Day, this week is dedicated to Motherhood and giving you a glimpse into our real life. Building community is about sharing life – the good and the ugly. So head over to our Instagram all this week for some of our favorite Motherhood photos.

As some of you know, we have triplet boys. Though they are now in elementary school, this photo is forever my favorite. When they were a few months old, a dear friend came by to take some family photos. We dressed the boys in their finest (clean) white cotton onesies and disposable diapers. After a few photos were taken, Baby B needed some love. As I held him, he spit up ALL over the two of us, while Babies A & C rolled all over the bed. And my friend caught this all on camera. So many babies, so few hands.

This is Motherhood. Messy & Joyful. And everyone is figuring it out as they go.

These little men are why I started designing bags. I needed a bag that could hang from my wrist so I could hold two of their hands in one hand (one got the thumb, the other got the pinky) and the third in my other hand. I needed a bag that was small, so it wouldn’t weigh me down as I chased after my runners. Though it has taken years to perfect designs and find the right production partners, it’s so worth the adventure.

This is Entrepreneurhood. Messy & Joyful. And everyone is figuring it out as they go.

For all you moms, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends, take 20% off all bags using code: MAMA20.

(All orders placed by this Wednesday May 10 should arrive in time for Mother’s Day.)