Two years ago, I came across this amazing distressed metallic leather. So beautiful that I ordered a sample side of leather, despite not knowing what I would make with it. I designed our Waverly Tote and Union Foldover Clutch just for it. It was the perfect weight and softness for these bags. Samples were made, photos were taken. I have been stopped countless times by friends and strangers, asking to order this bag. So I set out to order the leather and do a production run in order to fill the demand.

And had to wait. And wait. And wait. The leather finally arrived at our production partner and it was slightly lighter than the original. Still the gorgeous distressed metallic leather that reads both vintage and modern, but a lighter tan. But this is the specialness of working with leather. It is wild & free and can’t be entirely tamed.

Unlike fabric, which can be more easily controlled, leather is a living product. No two shapes of leather sides are the same, because cows vary in size. Colors and dyes take differently. Thickness varies even within one side. Sometimes there are branding marks or scrapes from pricker bushes. Wrinkles are normal. But this all lends to the beauty of the material.

See the branding mark? A simple reminder to respect and honor the living creation.

(Though, we try to work around branding marks for our finished bags.)

The silver metallic on the light tan leather creates a stunning glow. The color goes with both silver and gold, and will become even more beautiful as it wears. Enjoy!